Classic KONG® Rope for Law Enforcement & MIlitary


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Classic KONG Rope

Your favorite Kong classic now with an 18″ natural cotton rope attached that helps prevent your dog’s paws from snagging. This KONG® is specifically for large breed dogs. For Law Enforcement or Military only.

Exclusive red natural-rubber compound that is super-bouncy and chewer-friendly. These toys are puncture-resistant and long-lasting. This mentally stimulating toy offers enrichment while helping satisfy dogs’ instinctual needs. KONG® Toys clean teeth and condition the gums!


  • available in iconic KONG® red
  • all-natural, durable rubber formula
  • satisfies instinctual needs
  • unpredictable bounce for games of fetch
  • 18″ all-natural cotton rope
  • a quick, safe reward
  • proudly made in the USA


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