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OptaGest® has prebiotics and enzymes that blend gently to sooth digestive upsets. It aids in the enhancement of nutrient uptake for an overall wellness in cats and dogs. Simply add to every meal for optimal results. Grain free. No sugar, flavors, or preservatives. Made in the USA.Prebiotics v. Probiotics:
Probiotics are living, beneficial bacteria that will be at its highest level when the animal is healthy. Every pet has a unique, preferred strain of these beneficial bacteria.The probiotics found in supplements are most likely not your pet’s preferred strain, and many die before they can be used by the body.OptaGest’s clinically tested levels of organic prebiotics act as an ideal food source for your pet’s native bacterial strain. This targeted feeding quickly promotes a natural, healthy balance of intestinal flora.


  • grain free
  • no sugar
  • no lactose
  • no flavors or preservatives
  • virtually taste-free, appeasing discerning palates
  • made in the USA

Suggested Dosage:

  • 1/4 tsp. per cup of food
  • double amount for mature pets


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